The RAF Halton 217 Craft Apprentice Entry Website

7th January 1970-24th February 1972


Welcome to the RAF Halton

217 Craft Entry



17.45 01 Feb 21 Just a quick line to say that there 
will not be a Triennial this year but
the Stn Master has given a provisional
"Yes" for something in the summer of

12.00 21 June 20     Hi Guys, Can I draw your attention
to the Old Haltonian website at:
Once there if you select the 'News'
tab you will see the June 2020 
Newsletter detailing the way forward
with the Association which looks 
promising for continuance of the 
HAA. (It's a bit long-winded for
    reproduction here)

11.30  21 May 20     Just wanna say a big Thank you 
                           to those who helped me out with
                           the cost of this website.
                           You know who you are.
                           (And thanks to Nick for
                           keeping the web site going!)  



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50+ Years on and still going strong

(Although starting to wobble a fair bit!)